I’ve been blogging since the early 2000’s when blogging wasn’t easy or cool; it was work that required as much technical knowledge as it did writing skill. Today it’s easy to start a blog and movies like “Julia and Julia” show just how you can start blogging in a matter of minutes. It’s radically different. So what do you do to ensure you become one of the blogging success stories rather than one of the failures? Today I’m going to share that with you.


How to Kill Your Blog…

Number one thing that kills a blog is inconsistent posting. It’s a commitment to start blogging and should you like to do it you will need to commit to post at least once a week. If you don’t you will kill your blog because no one is going to read a blog that isn’t churning out information on a regular, anticipated schedule.

The second most popular way to kill your blog is to stop posting all together. Again, we are talking about commitment; why should anyone trust you if you just disappear? If you find that you are having trouble coming up with content (hence the reason for not posting) read other blogs or articles for inspiration. If you still find yourself uninterested, maybe you should reflect on blogging; it’s possible it’s just not for you and there is nothing wrong with that.

Lastly, if you want to kill your blog, share the same blog post across all your platforms on the same day at the same time. Social media marketing can tremendously help your blog, and it can also kill it if you don’t use it correctly. Remember, people do not want to go from platform to platform or forum to forum seeing your post everywhere. This is called spam and it’s just not acceptable.