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BreatheWriteCarft Magazine (BWC for short) is chock full of insightful articles to help you develop and enhance mindful living, simple yet enjoyable crafts that encourage you to unplug, and tap into your creative nature, and affirmations galore. Join our newsletter and get updates, announcements and such in your inbox. We don’t spam nor do we sell your info, you’re email is safe with us.

About BWC Magazine

What do you get when you combine a 2 highly creative women, one that owns a very successful online arts/crafts school, the other who is devoted to helping women in business be the best versions of themselves? You get Breathe ~ Write ~ Craft Magazine & Journal.

Our Mission is to provide a unique opportunity for our readers to heal and grow by connecting with their inner self through a combination of mindfulness, creativity, crafting and self reflection.

What’s Inside

BWC is chock full of insightful articles to help you develop and enhance mindful living, simple yet enjoyable crafts that encourage you to unplug, and tap into your creative nature, and affirmations galore. And, if that isn’t enough, each issue comes with a companion, self reflection journal filled with prompts, thought provoking exercises, creative outlets and more affirmations!

Welcome to a unique experience of creativity, mindfulness, self reflection and crafting that will set the stage for new and lasting change.

Contribute an Article

BWC, a world wide e~zine, invites 3 authors per issue to share their knowledge and insight on the topic of mindfulness. Each themed issue will have a focus, i.e. March ’17 issue was Seeds of Change. Writers were encouraged to submit articles pertaining to the use of mindfulness when trying to create change in their lives. Topics for future issues are included in the following tabs. If you have questions you may email us at or use the contact form below.


Articles should be no more than 500 words and should have been edited before submission. We reserve the right to make minor edits to all submissions. Each article submitted should be accompanied by a brief (3-4 sentence) bio, your web address and a prof. head shot. Deadlines for submissions are included below.


Issue Themes for 2017-2018 year is based on the seasons and the themes reflect what is happening in nature. The ideas below are only suggestions, not requirements.

June- Seeds of Change – SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

  • Being mindful of nature
  • How nature teaches mindfulness
  • Moving in a new direction
  • Planting new ideas and behaviors (how to)

Coming fall 2017- Taking Root 

  • Creating strong mindfulness habits (how to)
  • Nature practices
  • Root Chakra info
  • Grounding yourself

Coming fall 2017- Clearing out the “Weeds” 

  • The value of decluttering your mind/life/closets etc.
  • Releasing the old/useless
  • Clearing a path for new changes (those instituted from issue 1)

Contribute an  Tutorial

To submit a tutorial to the magazine there are a few items you need to send to us so that your tutorial has the best chance of being selected for publication. Your tutorial should align with one of the four sections of our publication: Simplicity, Appreciation, Truthfulness or Liberation; you will be asked to add this to the Header Information area of your document (See next tab). If you have questions you may email us at or use the contact form below.

Tutorial Requirements

  • Have a clear Title; subtitle is optional.
  • Name of author/creator; please put the name as it should appear in the publication.
  • No more than 7 steps to complete the tutorial – please write and organize your tutorial clearly; i.e. Step 1, Step 2, etc. If you do not indicate the steps we can’t publish your tutorial.
  • Each step should have at least 1 photo. Photos must be clear, bright and show what you are demonstrating. DO NOT brand your images with a copyright, add attributions or watermarks.
  • ALL Images should be sized to at least 750pixels on the shortest edge and must be 300 dpi; MUST BE SENT to us separately from your tutorial; MUST BE NAMED as follows “Author’s First & Last Name + Step #”. If you have more than one image per step, please send them and name them exactly the same as above but add “A, B, C” after the step #. For Example “Author’s First & Last Name + Step #A”.
  • Written portion of your tutorial should be sent to use as a unlocked PDF attached to an email separate from your images.

Tutorial Submission Guidelines

Once you are ready to submit, here is what you need to do.

  1. Complete your tutorial, check spelling and make sure the title, subtitle (optional) and name of author appear in the top left corner of the page; what refer to as the Header Information.
  2. Following this Header Information, please be sure you’ve outlined your tutorial in no more than 7 steps. DO NOT INCLUDE IMAGES IN YOUR DOCUMENT.
  3. Save your tutorial as a PDF and attach it to an email.
  4. Save each of your images per the sizing and DPI requirements and attach them separately from your PDF to the same email. IF YOUR IMAGES ARE TOO LARGE, please zip them and then attach them to the email. Do Not Send Images & Tutorial Seperately.
  5. Enter in the Subject Line: “Tutorial Submission + Title of Your Tutorial”
  6. Send your email to
  7. Once your email is received, we’ll be in touch about anything we might need and/or the date of publication.

If you have questions about this process or need assistance, please contact us at and we’ll get back to you asap.


We are currently working to bring our advertising options online so you can see all we offer, pricing, submission, etc. Our ad sizes are full page, half, quarter and eighth sized. While we are working to bring this information to you, please email us with any questions or inquires you have at 


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